Ergonomic and adaptable two-hand station

A two-hand device can be used when it is necessary to ensure that the operator is outside and must be prevented from reaching into the hazardous area. The JSTD25 replaces the traditional two-hand device. With a JSTD25 two-hand control station you have a prepared two-hand unit that is easy to install, while utilising the good ergonomics of the Safeball.

Main benefits

  • Ergonomic
  • Shorter safety distance thanks to the  Safeball™
  • Easy installation

Main features

  • 1 NO + 1 NC / Safeball
  • M12 connection available
  • Possibility of Emergency stop button
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– Suitable for mobile applications (low weight)
– 5-pole M12 connection



– Suitable for mobile applications (low weight)
– 8-pole M12 connection



– Double protection shields
– Emergency stop button
– 8-pole M12 connection

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