Sentry USR10

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Sentry USR10 24VDC

General Information

  • Extended Product Type:
    Sentry USR10 24VDC
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  • Catalog Description:
    Universal safety relay/timer Sentry USR10 24VDC – 24 volt DC – 3 NO + 1 NC – Multifunction – 0 … 999 seconds
  • Long Description:
    USR10 is a universal safety relay/safety timer with delayable relay outputs, 3 NO +1 NC, and a +24 VDC power supply.
    USR10 is used with safety devices with contacts, 1 or 2 channels , safety devices with OSSD outputs, two-hand devices, safety mats and safety edges/bumpers.
    USR10 offers 0-999 seconds timer functions with a better accuracy than 1%: OFF-delay, ON-delay, Time bypass and Time reset.
    A display on its front facilitate configuration and troubleshooting by displaying error codes and error log. A custom configuration can be protected by password.
    The reset function is selectable between Automatic and Manual.
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