Slide lock for MKey8 and MKey9

A simple to use gate bolt with a rugged metal
construction that allows forces up to 10,000N
(1,000kg) on large hinged doors. It is easily installed
on hinged or sliding guards using 4xM6 mounting
bolts and can be supplied for left-hand or right-hand
fitting. Once installed there is no need for extra
brackets or door handles, and there are no
susceptibility to misalignment damage. Operators are
required to manually close the guard, it cannot close
accidentally. For further protection padlock holes are
provided for locking of the open handle to prevent the
guard from being closed and the machine to start
during maintenance.
Supplied in yellow and black to aid with hazard
identification and supplied with handle and flat
As a separate accessory for the Slide lock a “Rear
handle“ can be ordered. This can be used when there
is a requirement to move the handle from inside the
guard area. As a second separate accessory for the
Slide lock a “Spring loaded catch“ exist. This is to
prevent accidental actuation after opening of the

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