2TLA020070R4600 ABB Pluto B20 v2 Programmable safety controller


ABB Pluto B20 v2 Programmable safety controller

Pluto is a cost effective, powerful and compact safety PLC for all machine safety applications. Most safety devices on the market can be connected directly to Pluto and multiple safety sensors can be connected to a single input and still achieve the highest safety level. Programming is done easily in the accompanying software Pluto Manager.

Safety PLC with Pluto safety bus. Totally 20 I/O: 8 failsafe inputs + 8 non-failsafe outputs/failsafe inputs + 2 individually failsafe relay outputs + 2 individually failsafe transistor outputs.



ABB Pluto B20 v2 Programmable safety controller

ABB Safety Controller, 24V DC Supply Voltage, 1.5A Current Rating – 2TLA Series – 2TLA020070R4600 Pluto B20 v2

Optimise the performance and reduce the risks of your critical control processes with this safety controller from ABB. The master programmable logic controller (PLC) features eight safety inputs and four safety outputs to detect and evaluate information and maintain Category 4 safety standards. You can connect up to 32 units in a 2-wire bus system to communicate via a gateway or HMI (human-machine interface) display for increased capacity and complex operations. Two microprocessors monitor and control each safety function to ensure your system runs smoothly.

Features & Benefits

• IP20 and IP40 (ingress protection) ratings mean the unit is touch-proof and shielded from water sprays
• Compact dimensions of 118 (D) x 84 (L) x 45mm (W) for installation in tight spaces
• DIN-rail mounting capability for space-saving fitting in enclosures


• Critical-safety medical and pharmaceutical applications
• Risk-based process control equipment and machinery

What’s a Category 4 safety system?

A Category 4 safety system is the highest possible category. It ensures that a single fault in any part of the system won’t affect the overall safety and must be detected at or before the next demand on the safety system. It also means that an accumulation of faults will not affect safety.

คุณสมบัติ / Specifications

คุณสมบัติ Value
Range Pluto
Series 2TLA
Number of I/O 20
Number of Safety Inputs 8
Number of Safety Outputs 4
Safety Category 4
Supply Voltage 24 V dc
Contact Current Rating 1.5 A
Contact Voltage Rating 250 V ac, 50 V dc
IP Rating IP20, IP40
Length 84mm
Depth 118mm
Dimensions 84 x 45 x 118 mm
Width 45mm
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