Orion2 Extended light grid

Main features

  • Body detection, 2 to 4 beams
  • Transmitter and receiver units
  • 50 m operating distance
  • Compact dimensions
  • Local reset and EDM
  • Muting function
  • Type 4
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Easy to use light grid for body detection

The Orion2 Extended light grids are used for body detection, usually for access protection when muting is necessary. Their long operating distance makes them appropriate to be used with deviating mirrors.

Main benefits

  • Muting sensors are connected directly to the light grid, with no need for a remote muting module.
  • A local reset button can be connected directly to the light grid: no need for cable between the reset button and the electrical cabinet or for an extra control module.
  • Each light grid can monitor the actuators without any extra control module (EDM function).
  • Alignment help and a wide angle facilitate alignment.
  • Rotation brackets simplify alignment too.
  • M12 connectors speed up cabling.
  • Protective tubes and lens shields protect the devices in harsh environments.

Product Information

Orion2-4-K2-050-E Transmitter+ Receiver

Orion2-4-K3-080-E Transmitter+ Receiver

Orion2-4-K4-090-E Transmitter+ Receiver

Orion2-4-K4-120-E Transmitter+ Receiver
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