2TLA020071R9000 ABB GATE-EIP Pluto gateway



ABB GATE-EIP Pluto gateway

Gateway for 2-way communication between the Pluto bus and Ethernet. Ethernet protocol EtherNet I/P.

With the use of a Gateway device, Pluto can communicate with other control systems and thereby form a part of a larger network. The unit has a common interface with Pluto, i.e. the same cabling and the Pluto Manager software can be used for servicing and where necessary programming.

คุณสมบัติ Value
For Use With Pluto A20 v2, Pluto AS-i v2, Pluto B20 v2, Pluto B22, Pluto B42 AS-I, Pluto B46 v2, Pluto D20, Pluto D20 (Harsh Env), Pluto D45, Pluto D45 (Harsh Env), Pluto O2
Series 2TLA
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