Magne Electromagnetic process lock

Magne is an electromagnetic process
lock intended for locking doors and

Magne is usually used to prevent
unwanted process interruptions, e.g.
during a welding operation.

Magne models with integrated Adam
safety sensor make it easy to achieve
the highest safety level for the interlocking function.

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Robust magnetic process lock

Magne is an electromagnetic lock intended for electrical locking of doors and hatches with a holding force of up to 1500 N. Magne is usually used when access to the dangerous zone and the consequent stopping of the machine might only happen when specific conditions are met, at the end of the cycle for example.

Magne 3
 is a non-safe lock and must be associated to a safety interlocking device in safety applications.
Magne 4 integrates an Eden safety sensor and the interlocking function can reach up to a PL e/SIL3.

Main benefits

  • Larger mounting tolerances than mechanical locks facilitates installation.
  • All the advantages of the integrated Eden safety sensor with Magne 4.
  • Extensive indication reduces downtime.
  • Less wear than a mechanical lock since there are no moving parts.

Main features

  • Less wear than mechanical lock.
  • Holding force up to 1500 N.
  • Up to PLe/SIL 3 with only one device.
  • M12 connectors speed up installation.
  • Possible to connect in series with Eden sensors and Tina units.
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