KUS 70mm Steady/Flash Modular

70mm Steady/Flash ModularThe modular KUS Series cube tower, with advanced technology, combines two different light styles on one base. Choose from LED and bulb modules, or add an alarm module to make up your tower.

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Product Features

· International Protection Rating of IP54 (except the KUS-B).
· Lenses are made from heat and shock resistant polycarbonate resin.
· Light modules can be stacked up to 4 tiers in any color combination.
· Each light module has a built-in DIP switch to control the lights to turn “on” or “off.
· Lights and base unit sold separately.
· Maximum operating capacity of base unit is 21 watts.
· KUS-F flashes 60 times a minute.

Model Specifications

DIMENSIONS – 70mm square
– 100V AC
– 220V AC
FUNCTIONS – Continuous
– Continuous and Flashing
– Alarm (optional)
MOUNTING – Direct Mount
– Indoors (Upright Only)
BODY STYLE – Square base
– Colored lens
– Component style, pre-wired base
– Interchangeable and stackable after purchase*
* One alarm module allowed, must be mounted next to base
BODY COLOR – Body: Beige
STACKABLE TIERS Up to 4 of the following on one base unit:
– Incandescent bulb style module
– LED style module
– Alarm module
GLOBE COLOR – Bulb Type: Red / Amber / Green / Blue / Clear
– LED Type: Red / Amber / Green / Blue / Clear
GLOBE MATERIAL – Polycarbonate Resin
AUDIBLE STYLE – Max. 70dB at 1 meter (AC/DC24V base)
– Max. 80dB at 1 meter (AC120V base)
PROTECTION RATING – IP-54 (without LUS-B module)
– SZ-40T
– SZ-007
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