Clamp-On Ultrasonuc Flowmeter

Clamp-On Ultrasonuc Flowmeter (Wall mount)


The PHILEMO-FB UItrasonic Flowmeter widely used to measure different kinds of liquid.

Transmitter and transducer install seperately.Transmitter can install at indoor,Instrument cabinet,Dashboard.

Transducer install on the pipes. Transmitter and Transducer connect by special cable.

It can realize to measure flow.Connect with temperature sensor,it can measure heat flow.

Widely used in Running water,Heating, Water conservation,Metallurgy,Chemical industry,Machinery,Energy etc.

Used for production monitoring, water balance testing, thermal equilibrium network commissioning, energy monitoring.

It is most important flow measure instrument duiring manufacturing process.



*High Accuracy

Accuracy better than 1%

*Measure Range

Select different model sensors,can achieve DN15-DN6000mm pipe flow measurement

*High Reliability

Adopt low voltage,multi-pulse radiating circuit.Accuracy,Lifetime and Reliability are better.

*High Anti-interference

Adopt double balanced signal differencial transmission,receving circuit,

effective resist the drive,tower, Strong power lines and other source of interference.

*Powerful Memory Function

Automatic memory the cumulative flow of 512 days before, 128 months before, 10 years before.

Automatic memory the power-on and off of 64times before and the flow.

Automatic memory the meter working condition of 32days before.

*Support Temperature Sensor

Connect with Temperature sensor,it can meaure heat flow.

*Support SD card memory

Select SD card memory,it can realize mass storage by ultrasonic flowmeter

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