CAM8.A4-11232538 Cable with open-ended wires


Cable with open-ended wires

  • M8, female, A-coded; 4-poles; PUR, 200 cm, free cable end
  • Dragchain capable
  • Head A: IP65, IP66K, IP67
  • Cable: good resistance against flames and oils
  • Halogen free

Technical data
Side A
Head A: Connection M8
Head A: Angle cable outlet 0°
Head A: Gender Female
Head A: Coding A
Head A: No. of poles 4
Head A: LED No
Head A: Width across flats SW9
Head A: Tightening torque 0.4 Nm
Head A: Knurled nut material
Zinc-pressure die casting, surface Ni
Head A: Body color Black
Labeling sleeve side A Yes
Side B
Head B: Connection Open-ended wires
Labeling sleeve side B Yes
Cable length 200 cm
Length tolerance + 10 cm
Stripping length 20 mm
Shielded No
Conductor structure 32 × 0.1 mm
AWG 24
External sheath: Material PUR
External sheath: Color Black
Cable diameter 4.5 mm ± 5%
Wire cross section 0.25 mm²
Electrical data
Operating voltage max. 50 V AC / 60 V DC
Operating voltage (only UL
30 V AC/DC
Nominal voltage 300 V
Contact resistance max. 30 mOhm
Electrical data
Operating current per contact
max. 4 A
Mechanical data
Head A: Degree of protection
IP65, IP66K, IP67
Bending radius (mobile) min. 10 × outer diameter
Bending radius (fixed) min. 5 × outer diameter
No. of bending cycles (Ctrack)
approx. 10000000 Cycles
Torsion speed max. 35 cycles/min
Torsion stress in ° ± 180 °/m
No. of torsion cycles approx. 2000000 Cycles
Acceleration (C-track) max. 10 m/s²
Travel speed (C-track) max. 3 m/s
Environmental conditions
Temperature range (mobile)
– 25 …+ 80 °C
Temperature range (fixed) – 25 …+ 80 °C
Cable: Temperature range
– 40 …+ 80 °C
Dragchain capable Yes
Head A: Chemical resistance
Head A: Flame resistance HB (UL 94)
Head A: Oil resistance ASTM 1 oil, mineral oils, limited to hydraulic oils
Head A: Acid and alkali resistant
Head A: Pollution degree 3
Cable: Chemical resistance Good (DIN EN 60811-404)
Cable: Flame resistance Conform UL 1581 §1090 (H); CSA FT2;
IEC 60332-2-2
Cable: Oil resistance Good (DIN EN 60811-404)
Cable: Silicone-free Yes

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