2TLA020054R0700 ABB Tina 7A DYNlink adapter


ABB Tina 7A DYNlink adapter

Tina 7A is used for adaptation of devices with two positively driven force-guided contacts like emergency stop buttons and key switches, to the DYNlink solution. Tina 7A is mounted on a DIN rail in the electrical cabinets and the connected safety device(s) must be mounted on the same cabinet, e.g. an emergency-stop button mounted on the cabinet. Electrical connection is made via detachable terminal blocks.



ABB Tina 7A DYNlink adapter


  • Product Net Depth / Length:
    13 mm
  • Product Net Height:
    46 mm
  • Product Net Width:
    62 mm
  • Product Net Weight:
    0.035 kg


  • Suitable For:
    Pluto AS-i v2
    Pluto A20 v2
    Pluto B20 v2
    Pluto B22
    Pluto B42 AS-i
    Pluto B46 v2
    Pluto D20
    Pluto D45
    Pluto D45 (Harsh Env)
    Pluto O2
    Pluto S20 v2
    Pluto S46 v2
    Vital 1
    B&R X20

ABB Adaptor for Pluto Safety Controller


The ABB adaptor is the latest tech accessory compatible with the Pluto safety controller. This adaptor makes it possible to install/connect many different types of safety devices in the same safety circuit. The vital module is based on a dynamic single-channel concept, as opposed to conventional dual-channel safety relays. ABB has designed this unit to accommodate up to 30 dynamic sensors within the safety circuit that can be supervised by one Vital module. The Vital unit can replace several safety relays. Besides, the safety components with output contacts can be connected to the Vital via low-cost Tina adaptors. The Vital also has automatically or manually supervised reset selection, dual safety outputs and an information output for reset indication and status information for PLC’s.


Features and Benefits


Cost-effective cable routing/ connections
Information output with two functions
LED indication of power supply, dynamic signal and outputs
Detachable connector blocks
Two NO safety outputs
Manually supervised or automatic reset
Can accommodate long cable lengths
Standard width is 22.5mm
Mechanical life of >107 operations




European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
EN ISO 12100-1
EN ISO 12100-2
EN 60204-1
EN 954-1
EN ISO 13849-1
EN 62061
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