2TLA010061R0100 Sentry TSR20M Safety relay ABB Jokab Safety


Sentry TSR20M Safety relay ABB Jokab Safety

Sentry TSR20M Safety relay with delayed relay outputs 3NO+1NC, 85-265 VAC/120-375 VDC power supply and screw terminals.
For monitoring of safety devices with contacts, 2 equivalent channels.
OFF-delay time (0,5s or 1,5s) selectable by switch on the front.

Sentry safety relays cover various types of safety applications up to PLe / SIL3.
Basic models provide reliable supervision of simpler safety functions, while universal models provide advanced features and high flexibility.
Models with display offer preset configurations and extensive information to further simplify troubleshooting.
Additional variants offer a high accuracy timer function of ± 1% and an adjustable time setting range from 0-999 s.
High output current capacity of up to 6 A can save the use of an intermediary contactor. Multi-reset allows up to 10 safety relays connected to one reset light-button.
All models are available with detachable push-in or screw terminals. Terminals and coding kit to mark removed terminals are available as accessories.

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Sentry TSR20M Safety relay ABB Jokab Safety

ABB Jokab Safety Relay, Screw Terminals, 0.5 and 1.5s Time Delay – Sentry TSR20M Series – 2TLA010061R0100


Keen to prevent damage to your industrial equipment? Add this safety relay from ABB Jokab for another line of defence in your system. It detects faults in your circuit and immediately cuts the power in the event of an electrical hazard, helping to safeguard workers and machinery. Wiring is a cakewalk, thanks to the screw terminals. The unit’s compact dimensions of 120 (L) x 22.5 (W) x 120mm (H) mean it will fit neatly into a space-tight setup.


Features & Benefits


• Adjustable OFF-delay time of 0.5 or 1.5s for versatility
• Automatic reset function to minimise downtime
• Wide operating temperature range between -25°C and +65°C for use in demanding environments
• IP20 rating means it’s touch-proof and protected against tools and wires larger than 12mm in size




• Industrial automation
• Food and beverage production
• Factories


What’s the supply voltage range of this safety relay?


The device’s rated supply voltage range is 85 to 265V AC or 120 to 375V DC, so it’s compatible with many common power sources.
คุณสมบัติ Value
Supply Voltage 265 V ac, 375V dc
Number of Channels 2
Safety Contacts 4
Function Safety Switch
Auxiliary Contacts 3
Reset Method Multi-Reset
Range Sentry
Safety Category ISO 13849-1 4
PL ISO 13849-1 e
SIL IEC 61508 3
Terminal Type Screw
Configurable Yes
Standards Met CE
Depth 120mm
Series TSR20M
Width 120mm
Length 22.5mm
Performance Level e
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